Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CraZee BerlingoZ

A new little family has joined us...

In honor of the french candies "Berlingots", little colorful sweet sugar cones :)

Their feet are filled with fresh lavender buds which make them great to hang in wardrobes, or on your baby's crib, or just about anywhere, thanks to their long legs!!

Here is the preparation of the feet and heads:

The filling.

Funny colorful faces. They will come in every possible color, or as requested :) that's what's fun, the endless possibilities!

I'm really working towards the opening of an Etsy shop now, 'as soon as' I'll have given birth.. so, in a few weeks (months?) from now (for the shop, not for the baby)!
Gabe's now due in 10 days... CRAZEE!!!

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