Friday, June 15, 2007

Sashiko Seasons - Summer

Here's the next season, it just keeps getting prettier and prettier.

Sashiko stitches.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sashiko Seasons - Spring

Here's Spring. I got this kit from It was much less difficult to assemble then the kimono wallhanging! And I enjoyed doing the sashiko stitching.
Once finished it's 13x18in.

I actually bought all four seasons, I can't wait to have all four done to decide what to do with them!
I might put this one in our green room...

"Kiss me I'm the dad"

This is a gift for Shad :)

To show how cool dads can be (alhtough Shad's not a dad yet... but almost!).
They can do everything, the cooking, feeding and attending their baby :)

This Bunny-dad even has his own apron! Who says dads aren't modern these days?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ninja Cat

Yesterday night my hubby came home with flowers and I heard some sobbing and noises like someone was in pain... It was coming from the bathroom...

To my horror, Ninja Cat was there on the sink, with blood all around him (although he did do a pretty good job at cleaning up!)

"Look at me in the eyes", he said. "Tell me why I am not the only love in your life!". I had to tell him "because I love Shad".

"You love him more because he brings you flowers? Look, I've cut my heart out for you, and it hurts a bit now!"

I think he's done a good job with the stitching!

Hello Kitty pillow for Lila

Here's a little cross-stitch project for Lila, Laure and Ian's daughter (expected as soon as Gabriel).

I found the pattern on line and bought this great HK fabric at JoAnn's.

I also have a Chococat pattern that I might use soon, too bad I don't have matching fabric :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kimono wall hanging

I bought this kit online at
I thought it wouldn't be too hard, actually it's just pretty long, between all the cutting and then putting the 5 different kimonos together... Maybe 6-7 hours total.

I almost lost my temper though, when I was to the point where I had to sew the ditch all around the fabric and the batting. The patern for it was way to thin for me to stitch (someone more used to this would definitely sdo a better job) and I really struggled and ended up not enjoying myself so much. Though the result is not super straight, I still hung it in our living room :)

I think I definitely enjoy doing little felt/fleece monsters much better! Let me get back to that..