Thursday, May 31, 2007

Introducing Mr Bee, Bumble Bee

Strange stuff has been going on in our backyard lately.
This morning I was outside checking on our tomatoes, when I saw the grass moving.. and came accross this funny little fellow...

"Hey there", he says. "I'm Mr Bee, but my friends call me Bumble. I hope you don't mind, I've been cleaning up the flower garden a bit".

I think he's been stealing our flowers to make honey, that's what it is!! By the time I try to catch the little bugger, he escapes and flies away into the bougainvillea...

"Catch me if you can!", he naggs me...

And he took off, just like that!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Celestial Gabriel

I found this little guy in our back yard yesterday, he landed on the deck..

"You're very lucky to see me", he said. "No one knows I exist, I blend in the sky and the clouds with my camouflage skin".

His wings are kind of small, I'm surprised he made it safe!

We liked his name so much though that we decided to keep it for our little boy :X

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I heart Grey Bunny

Here's a new little guy with a big heart.

He looks puzzled though "where are my arms?!"

It doesn't matter to the pink gremlin who's happy to have a new friend to play with!

New asian pillows for our living room

I found these japanese fabrics in a store in Portland ('Fabric in the City', great store btw).

I saw a great opportunity to make more pillows in our living room (we love pillows!).

I made tassels out of real Sashiko thread (

I also found these chinese beads in a bead store in... Portland ('Bead It').

Black bead with white Sashiko tassel.

Red bead with red Sashiko tassel.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Someone wants to say hi

Meet our new friend :) Inspired from a sewing book I got lately... I am just having too much fun!

Our baby's first book and blanket

I just can't get enough of my sewing machine... We found this pluch Winnie the Pooh book at Joann's Fabrics... My 1st more "difficult" thing to put together... as I had NEVER used a sewing machine before the japanese pillows...

I also made a nice comfy blanket out of a bright yellow Winnie the Pooh fabric (though it's not at all a theme for the nursery, we just happened to like it). And, I must say proudly, it turned out really well :)

My new toy

Ok, our new toy... :) It's just, I've been using it a lot! I've already made brand new pillows for our sofa with beautiful japanese fabrics bought in Hawaii.

They fit and match perfectly (much better than the original ones.. blaaaaa). Small improvements make the best ones :)