Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CraZee BerlingoZ

A new little family has joined us...

In honor of the french candies "Berlingots", little colorful sweet sugar cones :)

Their feet are filled with fresh lavender buds which make them great to hang in wardrobes, or on your baby's crib, or just about anywhere, thanks to their long legs!!

Here is the preparation of the feet and heads:

The filling.

Funny colorful faces. They will come in every possible color, or as requested :) that's what's fun, the endless possibilities!

I'm really working towards the opening of an Etsy shop now, 'as soon as' I'll have given birth.. so, in a few weeks (months?) from now (for the shop, not for the baby)!
Gabe's now due in 10 days... CRAZEE!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

RH-V3 - Shad's Robot

It was Shad's 30th birthday yesterday, look what came out of his birthday bag:

Oh WOW! It's RH-V3!!! The new version of RH - the Robot Helper. Shad had version 2.9, but just upgraded to version 3.0.

For the little story... Shad's birthday was themed around robots, because I got him the LEGO mindstorms.. The Evite for his birthday was a robot theme where I asked our friends to come and witness the upgrade of Shad 2.9 to Shad 3.0!

Here's the original sketch of RH -V3.

And all the cut-outs done...

RH-V3 completed... about 7 hours of stitching and putting together! His eyes are watches that not only give time but also his birthday: 3 and 0! And the arrow on the control panel gives the number of the update: 3.0... Very ingenious little dude!

What's great with RH-V3 is that we can turn him on and off, and also charge him or put him to sleep...

The whole purpose of this little guy is to help Shad in all his future endeavours around the house, he's got an extra wrench on his head that comes in really handy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Roger the Door Keeper

"Hey, anybody there?", I heard coming from the hallway. "Hey there", I said. "Are you a purse?!". Like I don't have enough already...

"Pfffff, no! I'm a door hanger. Can you hang me on the doorknob? I tried to levitate but my mind power isn't what it used to be..."
So, I hang the little dude.

"Thanks! So, you have to keep me. During the day I'm your normal smiling happy dude. And at night, I turn around and look scary."

"I'm a bedroom keeper, I am so scary I get rid of ghosts, gouls, mean bugs, so you can dream away...".
Hmm, doesn't look so scary to me, but maybe I'll ask him to bring a friend for Gabriel... :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Orange Agent Onion

We were coming back from shopping this afternoon, and we found this weird little guy on our door step. It had been a while since we'd had a visitor....

"Hi, my name is Orange Agent Onion. I was sent from my planet - Planet Onion - to inspect your home and make sure it is a happy one!"

My planet is quite peculiar as it actually rotates around your moon, so it shouldn't be called a planet but a moon... you know?"

"I traveled so fast from there that I still have some star dust on my forehead!"

"So, will you let me in? There are tons of other homes I need to visit after yours!". "Sure" I said, come on in. May I ask you why you're orange?".
"It's obvious, because Shad likes orange", he replied, looking at me like I came from another planet... :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cute little pillow for the nursery

I just finished this cute little green pillow with an onion alien for Gabe's room.. It's 14x14 in. and I found the cute alien fabric at JoAnn's. I'm very happy with the result!
Just looking at it makes me smile a lot, I think I might try making a plush toy out of the alien :)

Here's the CraZee CrafteeZ label, in close up. Very colourful, turns out well also.

The pillow is on the glider we just got for the nursery... no unhappy breastfeeding and waking up in the middle of the night!! hihihihihi

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fresh lavender pouches

I ordered fresh new farmed lavender online and made these lavender pouches for all our clothes drawers around the house :)
I just love the smell of lavender, it's so relaxing!

These yellow ones are for Gabe - it's the same Winnie the Pooh fabric as the one I used for his blanket.

These are made from various Japanese fabrics I've purchased over time.. I just wish I had so many more!!!

I tied the little pouches with Sashiko thread and attached tiny glass beads. Very simple but pretty!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Mobile for Gabriel

I finally finished the mobile for Gabe a few days ago. It was a long preparation work of cutting out all the pieces (almost 4 hours, the letters were particularly painful :)) and figuring out how many pendulums would look ok on the wooden circle I got for it.

Here's what it looks like after the main assembly, the letters are hung and inserted in between each is a little animal pendulum.

My favorite is the mini cat pendulum...

Here's what it looks like finished, hung in our back porch. It was quite hard to photograph and the light was working against me... But still, it gives a pretty good idea :)

A close-up of all the little buggers just hanging out :)