Friday, July 27, 2007

Chester the Cat

Shad found Chester sneaking in my cooking magazines in the kitchen. He wanted to help me out with a recipe, but he's way too tiny.
He talked a lot and asked lots of questions though, it was hard for me to concentrate on my cooking! "I like goat cheese, do you like lard?". He just made me laugh "Always remember you can't blow your nose in aluminium foil!". Who would do that anyway?!

I think he got bored trying to get our attention, so he called his friend mini-mouse to hang out. I wasn't too happy about that, I don't like mice in the kitchen so much... Mini-mouse carries a bobin of thread everywhere she goes... they're weird!

I could tell Chester was getting ansty and needed to ask more questions... He just launched them without giving us time to reply to any: "Do you think it ever snows on the moon? What's the difference between eggs and post-it notes? Staples are cute...!".

"Doorknobs are fun dont you think? Do you think your toenails would be heavier on jupiter?". There was no way to stopping him...
Who said curiosity killed the cat???

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Round Green Bunny and Mini Green Bunny

Our neighbourhood's getting quite crowded these days... This morning I went into my crafts' room, and these two ladies were clearly waiting for someone.

"I'm Green Bunny" said the bigger one, "Grey Bunny's sister. And this is mini Green Bunny, Grey Bunny's niece. We stopped by to visit him as he told us he was living here now".

"We're going to see uncle Grey Bunny!!! Hurray!!!", said the little one, jumping around with joy.
"Sadly", I said, "Grey Bunny's decided to go to work with Shad today, so unfortunately, he's not home right now...".

That seemed to really disappoint them a lot, so they turned their backs on me and showed me their big round butts.. It runs in the family!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mini CrafteeZ for boys

Here's what I've been doing these last few days, still thinking of mobile ideas for Gabe, so making small tiny felt toys.... Their size is in between 2 and 3 in.

Sleepy cloud.

Soft blue whale.

Bright blue blinking octopus.

A Totoro-like mouse. Very cute and round!!

Assembly of a tiny cube, I had the idea after browsing in an antique store where they had lots of wood blocks for kids... :)

TA-DA!!! It all makes a cute set of small felt toys. The mouse and the cube took be about 2 hours to assemble. So not really profitable if I were to sell them...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gus the Octopus

Here's the clumsiest little dude I've ever seen... I found him while he was resting for a while, on top of my sewing machine... super easy for him to climb up there!

Bumping into everything, he's full of bruises except we can't tell because he's already blue! Lucky for him he's round, he can also roll a bit :)

Clumsy as he is, he made his way to the dinning room where Grey Bunny was hanging out:

Grey Bunny's obviously still upset to have no arms, and very jealous of 8-legged Gus!

Friday, July 13, 2007

One big round one-toothed Grey Bunny :)

I've tried making a felt ball pushy.. I turned out much flater than spheric, so I still need to figure out a bit of geometry to get it to the right size... It's also a bit bigger than I would like (the size of a melon), as my goal is to make a hanging mobile for Gabe, with lots of different round animals/thingies...

It still looks pretty good though, Shad loves it! But this silly Grey Bunny forgot he was short-legged and broke one of his front tooth when he jumped off the table! He's in distress now...

He's turning his back on me, pouting, and showing me his big round butt :)

This is where it all takes place now!

We've been doing so much housework lately that I haven't had any time to sew anything nor think about what to make next. I used to 'monopolize' the dinning room, but since that room has become a total war zone in the last month, I've just put everything away :(

So, these last few days, I've started using my backroom. It's a bit hard because I feel very isolated from the rest of the house and the desk is not really big enough to use my sewing machine. But on the other hand, it's got AC (yeah!!!!) and I don't have to clean that room at all!!! It's MINE hehehehe.

Settling back there helped me get back to sewing and I have new ideas...