Friday, July 27, 2007

Chester the Cat

Shad found Chester sneaking in my cooking magazines in the kitchen. He wanted to help me out with a recipe, but he's way too tiny.
He talked a lot and asked lots of questions though, it was hard for me to concentrate on my cooking! "I like goat cheese, do you like lard?". He just made me laugh "Always remember you can't blow your nose in aluminium foil!". Who would do that anyway?!

I think he got bored trying to get our attention, so he called his friend mini-mouse to hang out. I wasn't too happy about that, I don't like mice in the kitchen so much... Mini-mouse carries a bobin of thread everywhere she goes... they're weird!

I could tell Chester was getting ansty and needed to ask more questions... He just launched them without giving us time to reply to any: "Do you think it ever snows on the moon? What's the difference between eggs and post-it notes? Staples are cute...!".

"Doorknobs are fun dont you think? Do you think your toenails would be heavier on jupiter?". There was no way to stopping him...
Who said curiosity killed the cat???

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