Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Round Green Bunny and Mini Green Bunny

Our neighbourhood's getting quite crowded these days... This morning I went into my crafts' room, and these two ladies were clearly waiting for someone.

"I'm Green Bunny" said the bigger one, "Grey Bunny's sister. And this is mini Green Bunny, Grey Bunny's niece. We stopped by to visit him as he told us he was living here now".

"We're going to see uncle Grey Bunny!!! Hurray!!!", said the little one, jumping around with joy.
"Sadly", I said, "Grey Bunny's decided to go to work with Shad today, so unfortunately, he's not home right now...".

That seemed to really disappoint them a lot, so they turned their backs on me and showed me their big round butts.. It runs in the family!

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