Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DIY Baby wrap

I made this wrap to carry Gabe - he's kind of got to big for the initial one we had (although it is supposed to work for toddlers), and the B.B. kills my back, neck and shoulders.
It's a very classic wrap, about 5 yards long in order to do the cross-carry, personalized in the center with a nice button and the Crazee Crafteez label.

The fabric is 100% organic cotton, which is best for little ones to nibble on, and it's washable, dryable, and doesn't shrink.

I have to admit I still need to get used to the wrapping part, but Gabe seems very happy and comfy in it, and it's so much better on my back!

Total cost: about $25 of cotton fabric, $1.25 for the button and some cents for the thread. A money saver!!!

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彼得媽 said...

My baby will due on the end of June. I wonder where did you buy the organic cotton fabric?