Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our own personalized stockings

I made these pretty stockings for our family. Shad's, mine, Gabe's, my mom's (Mamino (grandma)) and my Dad's (Papilou (grandpa)), all personalized. Shad's has a camera and a polaroid of Gabe, cause he likes taking pictures, mine has a Geisha - I love all Japanese stuff -, Gabe has a blue bunny cause he can't part from his blue bunny toy. Mamino's has a cupcake for all the cooking/baking she does, and Papilou has a flying osito (private joke) :P.

Many hours of sewing there! Especially when I had to juggle with Gabe's feedings and naps and stuff!
I added the crazee crafteex label on all of them :)

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